Look Both Ways

A few mornings ago, we were out running and came to a quiet residential street with zero traffic. There was no sidewalk, so we ran in the street for a bit. But eventually something forced us over to the right: a nagging sensation that we weren’t supposed to be running in the middle of the road, or that we were doing something bad, breaking a rule. We saw it for what it was – after a moment – and laughed about it.

It made me think, though, of how deeply ingrained some of our fears are, even though they’re elementary things we learned as kids – things so simple that as conscious adults, we should be able to think through and make up our own minds. I’ve heard people say that your upbringing should make no difference: that you can be and do whatever you want, and that by the time you’re an adult, you should have long broken the grip of your particular rearing. But if something so simple as running in the street can trigger an uneasiness that defies reason – it really was OK to run in the street – well, how can we overcome much bigger, less easily defined fears?

One step at a time. Run in the street today.

About CK Barlow

I'm a composer and music-technology instructor. In the summer of 2011, I decided it was time to give full-time music-making a shot, so I left my corporate job (I've always had one). That's part of what inspired Composing Kitchen, the blog I publish with my incredible spouse, Karen Milling. View all posts by CK Barlow

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