Raise a Glass! Ginger Lime Fizz and a New Blog!

Today I headed to the local coffee shop downtown to work on some writing and build next week’s blog post. I was delighted to see the latest copy of Albuquerque The Magazine on the shelf and frantically scanned the table of contents… then furiously turned to page 208, and there she was. There she is. A lovely photo and article about the music work and recent movie score written by my beautiful, talented, and all-around wonderful partner, Carla.

Things are changing. In just a few short weeks, Carla will leave her corporate job to pursue a more music-centered life. She’ll be teaching two classes in the music department at UNM, working on local projects, and continuing to compose songs for various music libraries she’s been signed to in hopes that something will get picked up for TV or film.

I don’t know that there is ever really a “good” time to do these things, or a “right” time to take the leap; and I’ll admit that there is some fear involved with these changes. Carla’s job has been our primary source of income, so we spent time making a budget, thinking creatively about how to save money, and talking for hours and hours about quality of life and what “wealth” really means. What we’re losing in income, we’re gaining in time that we can spend together, or time we can spend on pursuing our passions, and that’s worth as much as money in the bank.

We’ve made a commitment to live our lives as fully and honestly as we can, and that means following our dreams. So this is a first step toward really making Carla’s dreams a reality, and I’m proud of her. And I’m proud of us, and the path we’re on, and the life we’re creating together. And I’m willing to face the fears that come with abandoning stability and comfortable income in pursuit of something much, much more wonderful: happiness.

So this week, I raise a glass — to change, and to life, and to the everlasting pursuit of happiness! You can keep up with our adventures and progress by following Composing Kitchen. We’ll chronicle our work toward fashioning careers that support us not only financially but also spiritually, emotionally and creatively. Composing Kitchen will feature stories about our creative endeavors as well inspiration and tips about spending wisely, saving, vacationing on a budget, and more.

You can keep up with my cooking and writing by following my food blog: Buried Carrots. And for music tech and gear junkies- Carla will soon have a blog called “smaCK”.

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