Every Day a Revolution

Since I posted a long’un last time – and since the world probably doesn’t need another New Year’s Resolutions post – I’m keeping this one short and sweet.

Here’s what I’ve hit upon in this season of retrospection:

  • My theme this year will be to expand my opportunities, and I will aim high.
  • Trying and failing can hurt a little, but it’s necessary. For example, I pushed myself pretty hard on a composition three weeks ago, and that experience gave me the confidence to push even harder on another opportunity the following week. The first attempt didn’t get picked up for its specific placement opportunity, but the second did.
  • This blog prompts me to think regularly about how I’m doing and what I’ve learned, and then to distill that into something other people can understand. Just doing that helps me retain and build on what I’ve learned. It’s important, and I need to treat it that way. I’ll be posting weekly from now on.
  • I’m re-engineering my life, which means I’m making resolutions every day — not just on Dec. 31. That might sound like “shiny new object” syndrome, but it’s not. My resolutions aren’t numerous because they’re contradictory or wishy-washy, but because I’m learning something every day about myself and my business. Each resolution complements the others.

Every day a revelation, a resolution, a revolution.

Ascending the Sandia Mountains on the Tram

About CK Barlow

I'm a composer and music-technology instructor. In the summer of 2011, I decided it was time to give full-time music-making a shot, so I left my corporate job (I've always had one). That's part of what inspired Composing Kitchen, the blog I publish with my incredible spouse, Karen Milling. View all posts by CK Barlow

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