What’s Composing Kitchen About?

When we’re little old ladies, wrinkled and weathered and exhausted from life’s adventures, we’d like two things (three if you count the bright green tennis balls that Karen wants on her walker): We’d like to still be together, and we’d like to look back and know that we didn’t waste our time living a life that didn’t belong fully to us. I think we’ve got the first one in the bag. But the second might not come so easily.

It’s hard to sleep at night when you know you’re neglecting the things you’re passionate about in exchange for the things that you’re “expected” to do.

Let’s face it: We’re really task-driven in the United States. When we meet someone new, the first question is too often, “What do you do?” But what about, “Who are you?” and “What excites you about life and living?” Wouldn’t it be great if we could answer all three questions the same way? We think so.

So Composing Kitchen is about our journey toward creating a new life for ourselves — one in which we follow our passions and take charge of designing the way we live. Ultimately, we’d like to fashion careers that support us not only financially, but also spiritually, emotionally and creatively.

Why “Composing Kitchen”?

Carla is a composer and Karen loves to cook, so Composing Kitchen is where our creativity flourishes. Plus C and K are our initials and that is a nifty coincidence.

What makes you an expert on changing our lives for the better?

Nothing. That’s the point. We’re just people, I’m sure much like you, who want to wake up with smiles on our faces and fall asleep with them too. We’ll be learning as we go and sharing that information with you as honestly and completely (and entertainingly) as we can. There will be successes, and I’m sure there will be failures. The blogosphere is full of people doing something similar – for good reason – and we can contribute to the increasing pool of information on the topic while chronicling our unique journey.

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